Friday, September 21, 2018

Considerations, Side by Side

To begin with, the photos we've had the privilege to seethanks to Jeff in Oregon, the Brockman descendant who has sent them to meall have been labeled according to the information he received from older members of the Brockman family. Now that I've seen other family pictures of Adolph Brockmanthe groom in the wedding portrait I found in an antique store in Sonora, CaliforniaI'm not so sure the label on the back of the abandoned photo was correct. Perhaps my wedding photo wasn't really representing the event people thought it was.

So that you can see what I'm noticing, let's start with the comparison of Adolph Brockman from his family photograph and Adolph from the wedding photo provided to me by Jeff. As I'm sure you'll agree, we are talking about the same person in both shots.

Next, let's take a look at the Adolph Brockman from Jeff's version of his wedding photo and put it side by side with the "Adolph" from the wedding photo I found in Sonorathe one labeled with Adolph's name.

Granted, lighting differences and maturing of features as young people age will render a slightly different perspective, as will changing fashions and hair styles. But there is a little bit too much of a difference between these two likenesses for me to be satisfied with calling them different versions of the same face.

There was, however, another face in the portraits which made me wonder whether that might have been the true identity of the groom in the wedding portrait I found in California. If we use Jeff's copy of the Brockman family photo as our genealogical "Rosetta Stone," I spy someone else who has somewhat similar eyes, eyebrows, hairline, and ears. Yes, the ears.

See if these two photos don't look similar to you:

On the left is our mystery groom, and flanking him is the picture of Adolph's brother William, from the family photograph. And just in case the details were too fuzzy or poorly lit in that version of William's likeness, here's a comparison of William's family photo with that of his face in the confirmed wedding photo for Adolph and Verna.

So naturally, I began to wonder whether I had found the wedding photo for William Brockman, rather than that for Adolph and Vernie. Jeff, however, informed me of one glitch: William never got married.

Above: All side by side photographs arranged, courtesy of Chris Stevens, from copies of original Brockman photographs taken in Nebraska, provided by family member Jeff in Oregon, plus the misidentified photograph labeled Adolph Brockman found in Sonora, California.


  1. Well, now I am confused! And it's Friday, so we will have to wait for the next chapter.

    1. Oh, believe me, Miss Merry, it will take me all of this weekend to see if I can figure this out...

  2. Really?? So who is the groom?? Your photo must have been mislabeled

  3. Is it a photo of one of the girls Anna maybe?


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