Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Little Bit More About Susie and Juanita

When I want to rant about people who don't provide details on the pictures they've saved, all I have to do is think about the empty backs of my own family photos. And then...rant over.

With zipped lips, I'll tell you what can be found on the reverse of the picture postcard I shared with you yesterday. From there, we'll get to work to see if we have enough hints to figure out the identity of the family of Susie and Juanita.

Here's the splat of it.

It seems as if each line was made as a separate detail. Some make sense if strung together with others on the same side of the card, while other lines do not. We'll check them out, line by line in detail in the next few days, but for now, will just take in the big picture.
Susie + Juanita
taken May 18
In there rompers
3006 Pine St
St Louis

And under the section labeled "This space for address only," the handwritten comments continued:
Ira [or Ira's?] Children
often speak of you
Don't you think
they are fat fine
Boys? Susie and Juanita?


  1. Don’t you remember that song, “A Boy Named Sue”? I guess “A Boy Named Juanita” didn’t have the same ring. Seriously, what a curveball! Do you suppose they were dressed like boys in this photo and the writer was being funny? They don’t look like boys to me, but I’m looking for any reasonable explanation.

    1. I guess, given the timeframe in which the picture might have been taken, dressing in "rompers" might have been considered boy-like.

  2. I agree with Wendy. I think the boy comment was a joke because they are dressed as little boys in the photo.

    1. Oh, definitely, Wendy is right on target: the writer was likely teasing about those two little girls.


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