Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meanwhile, Back in Chicago

While Frank Stevens and his family jet from one side of the world to another in pursuit of the next military career assignment, back in Chicago, Frank’s mother is still steadily plodding away at life. No longer getting the flood of letters from her homesick boy in the Navy, Agnes Tully Stevens is nonetheless still saving every paper scrap of significance.

And to my benefit, I might add. This woman whom I never met has left me with a paper trail of glimpses into her family’s life, for which I’m grateful.

While Frank, Norma and their three children spend their years in Japan, Agnes continues her work as an insurance broker. Her license issued in 1958 shows her still at the South Sangamon Street address where she had moved in Chicago after losing her husband, Will, so many years prior. The license from the Chicago City Clerk could be had at that time for the price of $25.

By this time, Agnes was turning seventy years of age. Whether she kept up the work because she needed the financial boost, or because she was just too much of a people person to remain idle at home, I don’t know. It might have been a bit of both reasons, but I imagine she favored the latter—which I would, as well.

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