Thursday, August 10, 2023

Children of the Other Dennis Tully


Since DNA tells me that my father-in-law's maternal grandfather John Tully may have had more cousins in Canada than we knew of, it will be useful to find further details on just who those other cousins might have been.

These would be the sons and daughters of another Dennis Tully, born in Ireland in 1830, who married an Irish immigrant named Margaret Hurley. Whether Margaret Hurley was someone Dennis knew from back in his Irish hometown—or simply someone he met after arriving in Canada West—is a detail I've yet to discover. In fact, my research to-do list still includes finding the actual marriage record, an item I hope will reveal more than just the date of that matrimonial event.

As far as I can tell from the census records we discussed yesterday, this Dennis and Margaret were parents of at least seven Canadian-born children: Bridget, Margaret, Mary, Johanna, Patrick, John, and Sarah. While the sons obviously would carry forward the Tully name, theoretically making them a bit easier to follow through their life's trajectory, we need to note the married names of each of the Tully daughters, if for nothing more than to spot DNA matches with their possible descendants. Here is a brief overview of those Tully surname changes for the next generation. 

Bridget, the oldest daughter, married a Stratford, Ontario, man named John Kane in October, 1881. An interesting detail on the church's marriage record for this event was the note that Bridget was actually born in Paris, the then-tiny village in the County of Brant where our Denis Tully had settled before the 1851 census. Though I still don't know the connection between the two—Denis and Dennis—this is an encouraging sign.

The second Tully daughter, Margaret, proved to be difficult to trace, not only because she used the nickname Maggie—a predictable switch—but because some records during her lifetime didn't seem to agree with the others. And yet, it may be she who will help us put our fingers on the possibility of any connection between her parents Dennis and Margaret and that other couple by the same given names—Denis and Margaret—who were the founding immigrants at the head of my father-in-law's own family. We'll revisit this issue in a later post, but for now, at least Margaret's 1935 death record across the international border in the U.S. state of Michigan revealed that she was widow of American Henry Baxter.

Though I have yet to find direct documentation on this, the next-born daughter of Dennis and Margaret, Mary, married a man by the name of Thomas Calladine, as can be determined from Mary's 1932 death certificate plus the 1901 census record which included the daughter who was named as informant on Mary's death record.

The next child, Johanna, also presented a few challenges in finding her marriage record. If we can accept that the bride going by the nickname Hannah, listed as daughter of Denis Tilly and Margaret Early, was our Johanna, then her husband was Hugh Kane, brother of Johanna's sister Bridget's husband John.

Youngest daughter Sarah also presented us with a challenge in finding her marriage information. Going by her middle name, Ann, the twenty eight year old daughter of Dennis Tully and Margaret Hurley married Francis McCabe in Lambton County in 1899. 

The two sons of Dennis and Margaret, whom they named Patrick and John, obviously would pass down the Tully surname to their own children, and thus make it easy for us to spot those Tully descendants in DNA matches. Having the addition of the married names for the Tully daughters, though, allows me to look for even more DNA matches linked to this unexpected relative of my father-in-law's Tully ancestors, the other Denis and Margaret Tully.


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