Monday, July 24, 2023

A Head Start on August


Yes, I know there is yet another week before we are into the start of August. It's just that once again, I've run out of research before I've run out of month.

The plan at A Family Tapestry has always to serve as a genealogical guinea pig, writing about research as it occurs. When the task leads to many resources and discoveries aplenty, that plan works without a hitch. When that is not the case, well, it becomes rather awkward to, as they used to say in the music world, "vamp 'til ready." It is rather tiresome to play the same little ditty while awaiting the appearance of real answers to discuss.

With that turn of events regarding Johanna Lee and her Flanagan forebears, it's time to wrap up that research goal for another year and head into our plans for August. I'll mull over that research quandary and try to find alternate resources for a future attempt at connecting Johanna to her ancestral lines in Ireland. But for now, it's time to move onward.

Up next, according to the Twelve Most Wanted plan I laid out at the beginning of the year, August's focus turns to another of my father-in-law's Irish ancestors. Once again, we will try our hand at finding the roots not only of an Irish Catholic ancestor before the height of the famine years, but a woman at that.

The person in question will be my father-in-law's great-grandmother, Margaret Flannery. The wife of Denis Tully of County Tipperary, she, along with her husband and surviving children, left famine-worn Ireland for a fresh start in Canada before 1850.

Tantalizingly enough, the place where they settled in "Canada West" also included neighbors by the same surname of Flannery. Relatives? That's what I hope to discover with this coming month's research.

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  1. Your blog, your rules! Sometimes it is just time to move on.


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