Sunday, April 30, 2023

End of Another Research Month


The end of a research month is time to take stock of how plans fared, and decide next steps. For the past month, I've been researching the roots of my mother-in-law's fourth great-grandmother, Elizabeth Howard of colonial Maryland. While I was fortunate to discover those roots grew very deeply in that same turf, there is much more work yet to do.

At the same time, on this day falls my biweekly progress count, which will give me a peek at just what was accomplished with this research goal. Working on my in-laws' tree, I did add 207 individuals in the past two weeks, complete with documentation, but I am far from finished with this project. Right now, that tree includes details on 31,548 individuals, but that will never be enough when there are more—and specific—ancestors to find.

I still have details to add to the tree for several of the women I researched in the last few days, which I will continue doing behind the scenes through the next month, though my attention for blog posts here will shift to focus on my research goal for May. However, that one major objective—to discover just which most recent common ancestor on this matriline links my husband with his mtDNA matches—will need to retain top priority. When I do discover the link to those exact matches, I'll likely write about that, but I have a feeling it won't be completed any time too soon.

Though most of my attention has been riveted on this matrilineal pursuit, I have been tidying up some ancestral records from my own mother's tree, remnants from research goals in the first three months of this year. A bit of progress did occur here, with forty two additional names being added to my own tree, which now totals 33,500 individuals. That, too, will remain a behind-the-scenes project as we continue next month with another research goal on my mother-in-law's family history.

Tomorrow, we'll begin a new project, working on a family tangentially related to Elizabeth Howard's colonial family—the ancestors of one of her sons-in-law.

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