Saturday, October 1, 2022

Exploring a Polish Heritage
for Family History Month


Suddenly, it's October! I don't know how you plan to celebrate Family History Month, but this month, I will be turning my attention to the family of my paternal grandmother, Sophie Laskowska.

Following a plan I drew up at the start of this year, I hope to blend what I can find on the Laskowski family—both in the United States and in Poland—with the matches which have been revealed to me though the five DNA companies where I've tested.

Consider this a sort of "fall cleaning" project for my father's little-known family history. Remember, it was my paternal grandfather who arrived on American shores, deciding he would keep his national identity a secret. Perhaps he didn't think his scheme through to the end, for he chose to marry a woman who shared his native heritage. As tight-lipped as the husband was, the wife's identity gave up at least part of that family's story.

This month will be my chance to revisit my research path from last year on the Laskowski family, examine what new DNA matches I've received from this Polish line, and see if I can connect some dots between DNA and documentation.



  1. I have picked up so many hints from you about investigating Polish ancestry!!!

    1. That's encouraging to hear, Miss Merry! Hopefully, there will be many more such resources to discover with this month's exploration.


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