Monday, May 30, 2022

Pausing to Remember


Today, in the United States, is a day set aside to remember. Memorial Day: its express purpose is to honor those who gave their lives while serving our country, but even that calls to mind all the families of military people who have shared in that sacrifice. Also coming to mind are all those who set aside this day to honor these many others by taking the time to decorate the graves of those military personnel who paid that ultimate price—or to photograph the sight to share with the rest of us. I can think right now of some among readers here who are doing that very task today.

While today is unofficially considered the first day of summer vacation by many—and I wish you a happy and safe time today—I hope your day will also include a silent remembrance based on the reason this day was originally designated a federal holiday. As family history is in our very roots, there are many here who can reach back in time to share stories of relatives and ancestors in that very position, a way to keep their memory alive not only for one holiday, but as an ongoing memorial. 

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