Wednesday, August 14, 2019

And Now, the Wait Begins

The cycle is almost complete. We've rescued a hundred-year-old photograph from an antique store in one of those quaint Gold Rush era towns in the northern California foothills—you know, the kind with the helpful label on the back, revealing names and locations. We've done our due diligence in zeroing in on the right family with those same names, then ascertaining which modern-day descendants might be out there, searching for their own roots.

Once a direct line descendant comes into view, the next task is to find contact information. Sometimes this can be a challenge, and sometimes it is a gift that falls neatly into our laps. In the case of this most recent family photograph, showing Samuel and Annie Tucker and their children from Wahoo, Nebraska, there were several researchers whose trees at included that couple. Yet, of those many trees, only one belonged to a researcher who was, herself, a direct descendant of Samuel and Annie.

Trouble is, she hasn't logged on to Ancestry in several months. Maybe she will check in soon...and maybe she won't. All we can do is wait.

In the meantime, it just so happens that I was reminded of another photograph which should have been sent home to descendants...but wasn't. The good news came when I was traveling out of state, doing some research. I got the email, celebrated the fact that a photo was going to go home once I got home to send it—and then, continued my travels and promptly forgot about it.

Now, whether I hear back from the Tucker descendant or not, I still will have a photograph to send home—except for one thing: once again, I'm out of town. The return trip home for a family portrait will have to wait for the return trip home for the sender.

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