Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Father Takes Action

As reports of the sudden death of Arthur James Daugherty rocketed through the news wires in California, word also reached home, back in Perry County, Ohio. Understandably concerned, the victim's father, Lewis Daugherty, demanded answers. He turned to his local congressman, M. G. Underwood of nearby New Lexington, insisting on a thorough investigation.

The congressman, in turn, telegraphed the department of labor and immigration in Washington, D.C., to follow through with his constituent's request.

Apparently preparing an official statement, A. J. Daugherty's father was quoted in the local newspaper, The Zanesville Signal, on Monday, May 2:
We intend to make a thorough probe of the affair...and if possible, place the responsibility of my son's death on the guilty parties. All I know regarding the killing of my son is what I have seen in the newspapers but I do not think Arthur was guilty of any wrong doing.

The news, indeed, must have been a shock to the family. And, just as any parent would be likely to do, this father was convinced of the innocence of his own child.

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  1. How awful to be so far away and to have to write to a politician for answers :(


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