Friday, January 1, 2016

It's a Bright New Year!

If only by its newness, the year of 2016 holds out a promise for each of us: a promise of possibilities. What becomes of those possibilities, of course, depends on what we do with the other three hundred sixty five days.

Why, yes, that would be a bonus day we get this time around the sun. Schedule that one in on February 29. We each get an extra day to catch up on our dreams.

If you've been hanging around A Family Tapestry for any amount of time, you may have realized that I'm not big on resolutions, so you won't see any of mine fly around here.

And I'm not a fan of predictions—although I have to admit an appreciation for marketing guru Seth Godin's wry handling of the customary year's-end prognostications.

But I do have dreams. And this year, I'll get even closer to touching them.

Perhaps something as elusive as that would be better called a vision. Nonprofit organizations and corporations are encouraged to have them, so why not people like you and me?

Goals can be missed, resolutions can fall by the wayside. Predictions can turn into much ado about nothing.

But dreams? No one can take away your dreams. They are yours—as long as you keep holding on to them.

Whatever your dreams are, I wish you good speed in running with them, day in and day out, this year—for it's only in the persistent chipping away at the monolith that is our life that we will carve away the excelsior to reveal its true form, realized.

And so we start: Day One.

Above: "The Magpie," 1868 oil on canvas by French Impressionist painter Claude Monet; courtesy Google Art Project via Wikipedia; in the public domain.


  1. Happy New Year! Yes it is another brand new shiny year. When I was a teenager I never thought past the year 2000. WE have sun today:)

    1. Glad to hear you had a sunny start to the new year! You were a far more forward-thinking teenager than I was; the farthest I gave any thought to was the year I was going to graduate ;)

  2. I hope you achieve some of your visions in 2016!

    I like that... visions... perhaps I should draw up a list of visions - like DAR membership for my mom!

    1. I know that's been a vision for you for quite a while, Iggy. Here's hoping this is the year!


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