Friday, May 17, 2013

Another Loss For Sam

Despite Samuel Bean’s rising star in the Bay Area’s world of chess tournaments, all his success in business, personal life and even positive attitude couldn’t protect him from suffering any more losses.

Ella Bean 1807 Santa Clara Avenue Alameda CA
Ella May Shields Bean, Sam’s perseverant and ever-attentive mother who had seen him through every possible life challenge, was now eighty three years of age.

It was only a matter of a few months after the wonderful article on Sam’s life that he had to face the inevitable. After an “extended illness” that eventually landed her in a local hospital, Ella Bean passed away on November 1, 1948.

I can only begin to imagine what a sea change that must have been in the life of the blind and deaf man for whom she had been such a powerful mainstay.
            Alameda, Nov. 3.—Funeral services were held today for Mrs. Ella May Bean, 83, who died Monday at a local hospital after an extended illness. A native of Illinois, she lived in Alameda 35 years. The family home is at 1807 Santa Clara Avenue.
            Surviving are three children, William S. Bean, Alameda automobile dealer; Samuel W. Bean and Mrs. Leona Grant, Alameda; and two sisters, Mrs. Flora Montague, Fresno, and Mrs. Lillie Taylor, Rodeo. There are two grandchildren, Earl R., and Samuel W. Bean Jr.
            Services were conducted at 2:30 p.m., at the Fowler-Anderson Mortuary, 2244 Santa Clara Avenue, by the Rev. John W. Glasse, Presbyterian minister. Interment was at Mountain View Crematorium.


  1. Seems like this family is steadily dwindling away to nothing. :(

    Ella looks like a woman I wouldn't want to mess with.

    1. Yes, that was the sad thing about researching this family. As far as I know, there are no members left of this line. In one way, that makes it even more compelling to tell their story.

  2. All things considered Sam was pretty lucky. He had a strong mother who didn't settle for pity for her son and an equally "swell" wife.

    1. Good point, Wendy. Sam's mom certainly made a huge difference in his life. I never met her of course, but if she was anything like her daughter, she was a determined, no nonsense woman--strong enough to take on challenges as heartbreaking as Sam's.


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