Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Getting to the Writing Part

There are a lot of genealogy bloggers out there. Maybe hundreds—at least it feels that way when I try to keep up with all the material they are generating.

I’ve been appreciating the sentiments of one blogger in particular, lately: Lisa Alzo, the “Accidental Genealogist.” She bills herself as a writer who just happens to love genealogy. She loves it all so much, she spent the time to publish a book telling her family’s history—or at least the story of three of the women in her family.

Some of the material that Lisa Alzo writes resonates with me. As with my heritage, part of Lisa’s family line comes from eastern Europe. It piqued my curiosity when she recently mentioned that her father didn’t see the need to know about ancestors, for that was similar to my dad’s initial response to my incessant questions.

Though her blog posts are no longer as frequent, Lisa is still active in the genealogy community. Lately, she taught a webinar hosted by Legacy Family Tree. The purpose of this webinar is to encourage you to take those dry, dusty records and vital statistics from your database and turn them into a living, breathing story in honor of your family’s ancestors. The class is called, “Ready, Set, Write: Share Your Family’s Story.” It was a 90 minute session given last Wednesday, June 29—and I just found out it is still accessible for a limited time for free at the Legacy Family Tree website.

If you need some encouragement to get started writing remembrances about your elder relatives, this class provides some do-able suggestions and gives ideas, resources, and examples to get you going on your own project.

Lisa’s webinar will still be available for free until July 11. To access the webinar, go to this page on the Legacy Family Tree web site, scroll down until you see the section, “Listen to our archived webinars.” Look for the date on the left column (Wednesday, June 29, 2011) or Lisa Alzo’s name and picture on the right. On the far right column next to Lisa’s name, there is a button to click labeled “Watch Now.”

With that, you’re in for free before July 11. Enjoy!

And now, get writing!

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