Friday, November 8, 2013

Post Script

In every episode, no matter how small or how immense, there is always room for some gratitude.

The Logansport Times had reported that, as widow of a Cigar Maker’s Union member, Emma stood to receive a death benefit. While the Logansport newspapers varied in their reports of the amount bestowed upon her—amounts cited ranged from $200 to $350—whatever the amount was, you can be sure she did, in the end, receive it. In that era, I’m sure the young widow was grateful for whatever help she could receive in an age when women bereft of their husbands had little recourse for supporting themselves.

Shortly after the ordeal was over and the uproar over the attempt had settled down, a simply-worded letter appeared in the Logansport Pharos Tribune on July 22, 1897:
Card of Thanks.
We wish to return our thanks to the neighbors and friends and especially to the Cigarmakers union for kindness shown us during our late sad bereavement.
            Mrs. Emma Brown.
            Mrs. Ellen Brown.
            Miss Ella Brown.


  1. Who is Ella? I thought his sisters name was Elouise? Only the women in his life were thankful...interesting:)

    1. Far Side, I'm guessing Ella was just the family's diminutive for Eloise. I never ran into any other daughter listed who would fit that name in any form. Yes, the menfolk in that family seemed to be quite the case...

  2. Jacqi, I love the words under you photo on your home page. I'd like to quote them in a family history book that I am attempting to write. Are they original with you?
    Thanks, Pat

    1. Pat, thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind comment. Yes, other than those entries on my blog which are in quotes--or, for long passages, italicized--everything you see here I have written.

      As would be permissible in any academic pursuit, you are certainly welcome to quote brief passages you find in my blog, as long as you would kindly include your source--whether through a hyperlink back to the post, or by providing the website's address for A Family Tapestry.

      Best wishes as you compose your family history book!

  3. They seemed pretty "quick" with the thank you - and perhaps she was "quick" to move on -

    I hope she wasn't still writing "thank yous" for wedding gifts...

    1. Oh, now isn't that a thought! It was, after all, only three months...


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