Saturday, December 24, 2011

Guess Who’s On His Way Home?!

After lots of false starts in the direction of home, after plenty of shattered hopes about being home for his twenty-first birthday or even for Christmas, it looks like Frank Stevens will indeed be able to run up the steps and “plant a smooch” on Will and Agnes Tully Stevens on the front porch of their new home in Chicago. As anyone can imagine, Frank is ecstatic.

                                              October 26th, 1945
                                              Okinawa Shima (Island)
                                              Ryukyu Rhetto (Chain of Islands)
Dear Mom, Dad and All:
            Received Dad’s letter of the 16th and Mom’s of the 18th today. Very much relieved to hear that everything is okay with Dad and the bunch. The news that Gerry is on the mend didn’t go bad either, guess we’ve lots to thank the Lord for.
            I’ve been using a lot of penicillin lately Dad and I was told and later found out for myself that it is most effective when given at three hour intervals, keeps it at a level that is most beneficial. We have had quite a few ear infections in this area in the past few weeks and the wonder drug is really doing a wonderful job in fact it surprised hell clean out of me.
            By the time you Folks get this I will be on my way HOME, don’t run and look out the front window now cause it will be at least a month and a half before I run up the steps to plant a smooch on all of you. Chances are good that I’ll be home for Christmas, can hardly believe it myself but our skipper was ordered over to the port director’s office to pick up our sailing orders within twenty four hours and though our first port can’t be told at present we know it’s in the right direction. Guess you know that the crew is really all hipped up about it, I’m a little cloud bound myself so if this doesn’t make sense just take it for granted I’ve blown my top, slightly of course!!!!!!!!
Despite the excitement of the good news, Frank always keeps in mind the health risks his dad has been facing lately. He is tempted to make some contingency planning on his father’s behalf—anything to gain even a minute’s advantage may be what saves his life. Frank is persistent in doing everything he can to assuage any worries on his dad’s part. He’s adamant that any “reward” his mom talks about "going on to" does not happen any time soon—especially any time before he can get there to be with them, himself.

             Do you have to go to Mercy hospital Dad? How about the Evangelical? Lots closer to home and a better neighborhood, suppose you are thinking about the cost?
            Don’t say another word about my giving you my dough as it’s not mine, it’s ours and if it weren’t for Mom and Dad I wouldn’t be here to earn it so let’s not hear any more about it, Okay?
            I haven’t received the cable as yet so call up the red cross and make with the Bronx cheer, that outfit is food for the birds as far as I’m concerned anyway.
            I was in Buckner bay for the first typhoon and it was plenty rugged, for the second one we were up at the northern end of the island at a place called Unten Ko, you have to go up a river to reach it and it is fairly well protected, had we been in the main anchorage for the second one we could have scratched one LCI off of the navy register, know we would have ended up on the reef. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a lot of the Saints looking out for me otherwise I’d be a dead pigeon now. Wish I knew what Ship our cousin Bill is on, he is very probably right up here at Buckner bay now.
            I never heard from John acknowledging receipt of my last money orders so I don’t even know whether or not he received them, well I’ve got the stubs so I’m not going to worry about them. Too bad that he has been ill, infections can be such nasty things.
            The news that Bill has been upped is swell, the kid rates the best and that’s for sure. I’ve never met Sister Pat, think I would like to though, I’ve heard so much about her, I wonder if Sister Attracta is still at Mercy?
            I don’t like Pat being on the night shift at work, the neighborhood isn’t the best to be out in after dark, tell her I said to be careful. 

By the way, Pat owes me a letter, I thought I was the world’s worst letter writer and procrastinator, she has the title and it’s unchalanged. Hope her jaw is better now and the trouble mended. Is her boy friend home from the ETO as yet???????
            Quite a few of the original crew have left the ship and we have had boot replacements now, seem like nice boys but all beat their gums because the[y] were taken so close to the end of the war of course that makes me feel just grand and every time one of them opens his mouth I proceed to shut it for him, I call them delayed 4F’s and it makes them very unhappy. They sit around and tell about the big money they were making on the outside and then beat their teeth about the navy. One of them told me the navy handed out too much crap and that on the outside he wouldn’t take it, on the outside he was a foreman and he gave out all the guff so he said, So I told him that first he isn’t on the outside any more, second I didn’t gave a damn what he was out there cause in here he was just a boot and so green that we would have to hang him out to dry before we could burn him and third the lad cleaning the head needed some help and I thought he was just the man for the job. Since then he has been very cooperative and has ceased to flop his chops at least when I’m around.
            Well I’m going to bring this to a screeching halt and get in a little sack time. By the way if any mail is delivered to the house for me please hold it for me and don’t forward it.
            So long for now all take care of yourselves and keep writing.
                                              Loads of love;

P.S. Mom I hope that reward you all talking about is delayed 50 years or so.


  1. Jacqi,
    Just reading that Frank may be home for Christmas is a blessing in it self so many years ago...
    May your own family and you have a blessed Christmas this year. I look forward to reading your blog in the year to come! Thank you for always commenting on my own blogs.

  2. Oh that is a wonderful letter!!!

    Written in October? Goodness.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours Jacqi! Thanks for sharing the photos and all the letters this year!! It was a marvelous adventure following them to this point - can't wait to see where you (and them) take the story next.


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